Programmer and developer

I make computer or web applications and games.

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Tomáš "Skull55" Feik

I started with creation of web pages focused to gaming theme at high school. I used redaction system and created just a content. Next I started to create web pages with html. I started to program with php later. I had got an experience with nette framework, based on what i created web page for own project Czech and Slovak Dota 2 League, and C++ programing during study at university. I joined B:TECH company what is located in Havlíčkův Brond (Czech Republic) after an (unsuccessful) end of study at a university. I am software a specialist at the company. I also program a web portal for Czech and Slovak Database project at the time. After that I will leave web applications and i am going to be focused to development of the online game with provisional title RPG what is at state of draft and planning.

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