Czech-Slovak Dota 2 League Reborn

Reborn of project organizes league at popular e-sport game Dota 2 for Czech and Slovak players

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Czech-Slovak Dota 2 League Reborn

Reborn of ended Czech-Slovak Dota 2 League project. Against the previous version there is adjusted structure of the league, extended admin-team, new portal layout and a few other things that should provide more interesting League and make Czech and Slovak Dota 2 community better.

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History of Czech-Slovak Dota 2 League Reborn

Just before 10th seasons finale of Czech-Slovak Dota 2 League it was rumored that the final match will be the last one. Not everyone wanted to accept that the Czech and Slovak Dota scene would lose the League and started to find out about the possibility of keeping the League alive. Specifically, they were poKo, Darerris, Skeli, AR Studio, Kovajda and RaffaQQ. Thanks to them, it was decided to make a reborn of the League before its official ending, but it was clear that it will be necessary to make fundamental changes.

The game system was modified to be more attractive to players and spectators, we started to looking for potential sponsors, planned promotions, new webpage design and more. The organisation eSuba helped us a lot, they managed to get a sponsor of first season for us: Samsung QLED Monitor. That makes prize pool of the season nearly twice as big as the prizepoll of all seasons before the end, namely 70 000 CZK. It looks like the best what I could did for the League is (excluding creating) its ending, because thanks to that The Reborn is here.

It is 163 days since League's end and now the Reborn is officially here. 50 teams have joined the group phase and I wish to players and spectators to have fun and enjoy the League. This and also to dont lose enthusiasm for the project I wish to the team, who works on the League.

The best 3 teams of first season were Hippomaniacs, eEriness.E-Blue a Game-Life Balance. Unfortunately, this successful season was not followed by a second one. greeny worked on a completely new version of website his in freetime. Because of time reasons, a term of website completation was posponed. That made impossible to establish any contact with potential sponsors for a second season. An activity about the league was cooling down, until it stopped completely. A part of team moved to Sazka eLEAGUE project. There, Dota 2 League can continue. That is a definitive end of Czech-Slovak Dota 2 League.

50 teams

50 teams have joined the group phase.

Prizepool 70 000 CZK

Prizepool of first season is 70 000 CZK.

Offline final

The top 3 teams will play for a total win in the offline final.

For the community

Project supports Czech and Slovak Dota 2 community.

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