Virtual Hike

Let’s go to Virtual Hike by walking in the real world.

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Virtual Hike

Virtual Hike is a competitive game using walking as a base game mechanism. The main goal is to motivate users to increase their amount of a natural movement and thereby improve their health and physical condition.

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Me and Virtual Hike

In May 2023, Tereza Krejčová and I decided to make a casual game that motivates to walking. At the beginning the game used 2D vector graphics but then we decided for 3D graphics using purchased assets from Synty Studios. Then we developed the prototype and started internal testing together with several testers who are not involved in the development. A year after that we started work on Virtual Hike, we are going to show it to other users as part of the Indie Showcase at the Game Access Conference 2024.

Motivates to walk

Uses walking as a base activity.


Race with or against other hikers.

Free to Play

Without the need for payment.

For everybody

Suitable for kids, adults, olds, women, men... In short, for everyone.

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